Superweld produces engineered reinforcing welded steel mesh for a huge range of commercial, industrial, infrastructure and building construction applications.

  • Engineered structural mesh;
  • Cut-to-size mesh;
  • Pre-cast elements reinforcement;

Basic Operation Description:

Superweld operates off-coils, for cross and line wires. It can use 2 to 6 line wires and 2 to 6 cross wires of same or different diameter. The drawings/specifications, of each mesh panel, are prepared and entered from the office or with the bar code reader by the operator.

Line wires are automatically straightened and each piece is placed on the separating chain conveyor. Conveyor places the wires in the pre-programmed positions on the transportation conveyor and on the feeding carriage trolley. The trolley is forwarding the wires into the welding unit.

The trolley is forwarding the wires into the welding unit. Selected crosswire is pulled by the buffer rollers selector through the guides and is going through the dedicated pre-straightening system and free length buffer. It is advanced by the Servo feeding rollers through the main straightener rollers into the welding unit. Welding unit is automatically engaging the welding electrodes.

Servo advancing trolley is pulling the mesh sheet through the welding process.

Mesh is placed on the rollers stacker table into the stacking position.

The ready bundle is moved by the motorized rollers and the table lifting into the starting position. Each mesh can be separate labelled. The whole process is completely automatic.

Specifications Options:

  • Welding Area Width from 1500 up to 3700mm;
  • Mesh width up to 5200mm;
  • Length 800 – 12000 mm;
  • Wire diameter from 4mm – 12mm;
  • Line wire pitch/distance 50 -100mm;
  • Crosswire pitch/distance 50mm – infinitely adjustable;
  • Cross and/or Line wires number from 2 to 6;
  • High-speed straightening for the cross wires;
  • Line wires straightening by Rotary Rollers or Hyperbolic Rollers.

Special Superweld Features:

  • Very high welding speeds of up to 150 strokes/min;
  • Automatic line wire feeding system from multiple straighteners;
  • Line wire feeding systems for pre-cast elements;
  • Fully automated and programmable, even remotely operated;
  • Up/Down cross wire shooting-no overturning needed;
  • Tailor-made upgradable production software;
  • Bar code scanner and label printer available;
  • 3 seconds Crosswire interchange;
  • Very low production downtime.