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Varioweld is COMPLETELY AUTOMATED, VARIABLE GEOMETRY mesh sheets production PLANT.

Varioweld produces:

  • precast elements fabrication reinforcement;
  • special mesh for various industries;
  • heavy duty and medium building construction mesh.

Automatically positioning of the electrodes makes the production of any size, or, geometry and spacing possible. Precast concrete elements and slabs are the fastest and most reliable building techniques available. All the parameters of the construction elements are tightly controlled, allowing for guaranteed specifications. The building time and machinery on site are significantly reduced as well as the workforce.

Exclusive Features:

  • Movable, welding heads;
  • Automatic positioning of the welding heads;
  • Adjustments of the line wires spacing at 1mm;
  • Automatic pre-cut cross/line rebar feeding;
  • Any geometry wire or rebar mesh;
  • Tailor-made, upgradable production software;
  • Fully programmable, remotely operated;
  • Easy to integrate any additional existing equipment.

Performance Specifications Options:

  • Number of electrodes from 7 to 50;
  • Width of the mesh from 800 to 3000mm;
  • Length of the mesh 6000mm, typically;
  • Line wire minimum spacing 50mm;
  • Line Wire thickness 4mm – 16mm;
  • CrossWire thickness 4mm – 16mm;
  • Welding speed at 80 strokes/min, typically.