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Tillos Group manufactures all types of Steel Reinforcement Mesh Sheets production machines.

From single X, Y, welding module welding machine, to high capacity full size, completely automatic 72 electrodes construction sheets plant.

From 3mm mesh in Rolls to 20mm heavy rebar sheets welding lines, we cover a complete range of Construction Reinforcement Mesh welding machinery.

High Capacity, Steel Reinforcement Mesh Sheets, welding line, production off-coil-Type DOWEL.

Main features:

  • DIRECT (spot) WELDING system for complete control;
  • Cross-wire shooting system guarantees the flatness of each sheet.

Exclusive Features:

  • Produces all types of Standard Steel Reinforcement Mesh Sheets;
  • Cross-wire UP/DOWN SHOOTING system, no OVERTURNING needed;
  • WORLD’S EXCLUSIVE 5th generation, cross wire shooting/feeding system;
  • RECORD-BREAKING speeds at over 150 strokes/min and ultimate precision;
  • Automatic OVERHANG size adjustment.

Featured Performance Options:

  • Width from 2000mm to 3600mm;
  • Wire diameter from 5mm – 10mm;
  • Cross wire step – from 50mm – infinitely adjustable;
  • Line wire spacing 100, 150, 200mm;
  • Works with Stainless Steel;
  • Easy to ADJUST to produce mesh in ROLLS;
  • SELECTION of Dedicated Cutter TYPES.

High Speed, Reinforcement Mesh production in Rolls, works off-coil-TYPE DOWEL R

Wire coils/spools are mounted on dedicated pay-offs for Line wire feeding. Motorized rollers are pulling the line wires, helping them uncoil smoothly. Horizontal straighteners are helping keep the wire nicely separated and easy to control through the dedicated buffer and tension/missing wire control. Wires are then advanced by the second set of Servo – Motorized rollers, through the vertical straighteners, into the welding machine.

The cross wire is off-coiling from the motorized pay-off station. The wire is pulled by the buffer feeding rollers and goes through the pre-straighteners, buffer, servo-feeding rollers and straighteners.

Main features:

  • DIRECT (spot) WELDING system for complete control.
  • Our Cross-wire shooting system guarantees the flatness of each panel.

Exclusive Features:

  • Unmatched Geometry Guarantee Mesh is Welded In Exact Dimensions;
  • World’s exclusive 4th Generation CrossWire Shooting/Feeding System for unmatched;
  • Record-Breaking Working Speeds;
  • 100% Higher Productivity;
  • Specially adjusted Direct/Spot Welding for ultimate control of Welding Quality;

Featured Performance Options:

  • Width Up To 3600mm (2400 Standard);
  • Wire Diameter From 3mm – 7.0mm;
  • Speed of 150 strokes/min even at large cross-steps;
  • CrossWire Pitch/Distance – Infinitely Adjustable;
  • Line Wire Pitch/Distance from 50mm;
  • Cutting and extraction of the ready rolls can be completely automatic;
  • Works with both smooth wire and rebar.

Heavy duty Construction mesh welding machine, production from pre-cut rebar - type RIBWEL

The machine works with pre-straightened, cut to length, line and cross wires or cross wire of the coil. For the greatest flexibility - line wires are can be managed manually. To make production faster the line can be advanced by automatic line wire feeding trolley. During the welding procedure, feeding system is going back to be re-filled by the operator that would virtually double the production speed.

Exclusive Features:

  • From semi-auto to fully automatic;
  • High capacity HEAVY DUTY rebar mesh production;
  • UP and DOWN cross wire shooting to avoid overturning;
  • TAILOR-MADE – MANY LEVELS of upgrades;
  • SUPREME FLEXIBILITY in the production regime.

Featured Performance Options:

  • Wire thickness from 3mm to 20mm;
  • Optionally cross wire from the coil;
  • Up to 4000mm wide;
  • Custom made extras, fully upgradable.